24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local’s Guide Of Things To Do 2024

The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Nottingham was originally known as Snotingeham in the 6th Century.
Through the years, Nottingham has expanded and improved, and is now the 9th biggest city in England

Famously known for Robin Hood, it is a hot spot for tourists from all over the world. 

The city is full of history and many activities to transport you back in time, whilst also having been adapted for the rising numbers of students who choose to go to one of its prestigious Universities. 

Having grown up here, I can weigh in on exactly what you should see and do using this ’24 hours in Nottingham’ Itinerary.
It will combine both the modern and the historic, making for a full day of enjoyment for you.

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24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local's Guide


24 Hours Of Things To Do In Nottingham

So you’re up and ready to explore Nottingham. Time to see what this city has to offer!


To begin your day, make your way to the Hungry Pumpkin Deli in the Lace Market area of Nottingham’s vibrant centre.
Here you can enjoy a reasonably priced, hearty breakfast before you set off on your various activities through the day. 

Stay In Lace Market Hotel

The Hungry Pumpkin Deli are family run, and strongly believe in supporting local businesses. They use locally sourced ingredients to whip up the delicious food you will try!

From here, make your way to Victoria Centre where you will catch the number 35B bus towards Strelley. When it is announced that the stop for Wollaton Park Gates is coming up, ensure to press the bell and make your way to the front of the bus to get off. 

24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local's Guide

Just to the right of the entrance to the hall, there is the Stables.
Within this is Nottingham’s Industrial Museum, in which you will learn all about Nottingham’s lace production, how life was lived, and the modes of transport through The Industrial Revolution.

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park is an Elizabethan country house which is nestled within 500 acres of parks and gardens.
You can spend the rest of your morning walking around the house, seeing the extensive collection of taxidermy, exploring the gardens, and walking round the lakes. 

The Dark Knight Rises was also filmed here, featuring as Wayne Manor. 



As the afternoon approaches, it is time to use the i4 bus to head back into Nottingham’s centre- you can get this from the opposite side of the road to where you got off the 35B earlier that morning. 

Press the bell when “Maid Marian Way” is announced, and get off there. 

You are heading to St James’ Hotel for a spot of Afternoon Tea- the only acceptable lunch when in England!
For only £12.95 per person, it is a steal. 

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Enjoy your tea, scones, and selection of sandwiches and desserts whilst you rest your feet after your morning of wandering the park grounds. 

Once you are sufficiently fed, you are incredibly close to Nottingham Castle. Follow the signs along the cobbled streets towards the Castle, where you will see the structure sat on top of a mound.

It is currently £12 to enter the Castle following a multi-million pound refurbishment on the 11th century building; it actually only reopened in June 2023!
Alongside the Castle grounds, there are several museums and exhibitions to learn from during your visit. It is a really interesting thing to do in Nottingham. 

24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local's Guide

Once you feel you have immersed yourself in the history of the Castle, it is time to start the 10-minute walk to go beneath the streets of Nottingham: the City of Caves. Make sure to keep your Castle ticket as you will need this to enter the caves.

Taking the 120 steps down into the caves, this £9 activity takes you on a tour of various caves, cellars, shelters, and dungeons hidden beneath the bustling streets of the city. 

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There is no doubt that you will have worked up an appetite after your cave exploration- so where is best to have dinner in Nottingham?

The Canalhouse is a Grade II listed pub in the Broad Marsh area.
Formerly a Canal Boat Museum, you will walk over a canal boat via a bridge to get to the bar; you can then make your way down to the outdoor area which sits on the canal. 

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It is the perfect place to have dinner, and share a few cocktails before your evening activity. There is often live music on, so you may get to enjoy this whilst you eat. 

From unique eateries, to unique tours- your next activity during your 24 hours in Nottingham will be something to tell everyone about! 

The Original Nottingham Ghost Walk begins at England’s oldest surviving inn- Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem; home to a model ship that is said to curse anyone who touches it!

24 hours in Nottingham: A Locals Guide

They will take you around the area, telling you spooky tales, pointing out popular haunted spots in hopes that you will catch a glimpse of something paranormal! 

Your tour will finish in the caves beneath Ye Olde Salutation Inn, where overflow prisoners from the Castle were sent. 

It is fun, quirky, and entertaining- what better way to wrap up your day in Nottingham?


24 Hours In Nottingham: Frequently Asked Questions

Now you have your itinerary all set out, you may still have a few questions in mind. Let’s see if we can clear some of those up!

What Is The Closest Airport To Nottingham?

East Midlands Airport is located around 15 miles from Nottingham centre, making this very convenient to fly into for a short break.

The easiest way to get from the airport into Nottingham is to use the SkyLink which runs 24/7. It takes 50 minutes, and costs £6 for a single ticket. Tickets can be purchased from the driver.
You will get on and off the bus at Friar Lane, which is really close to the Castle if you did want to go straight there instead.

Paris is only a 1 hour flight, why not plan the Perfect Weekend Getaway for after your time in England?

How Do I Get Around Nottingham?

Nottingham City Centre is very walkable, with all the main attractions being within 20 minutes of each other.
There are also E-Scooters dotted around the city that can be hired for a few hours at a time.

If you decide to go out of the centre, there are both buses and trams that can be taken. The transportation networks in Nottingham are extensive, and you can reach pretty much anywhere by public transport.

Trams were first introduced to Nottingham in 1880!

Our best tip is to purchase a “Robin Hood Day Ticket” which covers unlimited bus and tram fares for just £6.
These can be purchased both from the drivers, and the ticket machines at any tram stop.


24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local's Guide.
Nottingham Market Square


Best Months To Visit Nottingham?

Nottingham has an extensive amount of both indoor and outdoor activities, so the time of year you visit won’t really impact what you can do during your visit.

However, there are a few annual events you may want to plan to visit for:

Is Nottingham Safe To Visit?

As with any big city, Nottingham has its risks when visiting. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, and stay within the popular areas you will be absolutely fine during your visit.

Police presence is high in Nottingham, so there will always be someone you can turn to for help if needed.

Check out our tips on Staying Safe In Paris as many of the same suggestions are relevant!

Is Sherwood Forest Close To Nottingham?

Sherwood Forest is located around 20 miles outside of Nottingham’s Centre.

The easiest way for you to get there will be to take the Sherwood Arrow from Victoria Bus Station, which will take you to the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre- taking about an hour.

If you are lucky enough to be travelling there by car, make sure to visit Rufford Abbey!
There is also the nearby Centre Parcs where you can stay in lodges for a few nights, or just the day!


24 Hours In Nottingham: Is It Worth Visiting?

Hopefully everything you have read here will show you why you should visit Nottingham- so get booking!

With so much to do and see, you will never be bored, and can make the most of your 24 hours in Nottingham.

24 Hours In Nottingham: A Local's Guide. Nottingham Market Square

At time of writing, there are currently no Coronavirus measures limiting tourists to enter England. This is in accordance with the information provided on gov.uk.

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