Travel Scotland On A Budget | 14 Best Money Saving Tips & More!

Embarking on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Scotland doesn’t have to break the bank; learning how to travel Scotland on a budget will allow you to see even more of what this beautiful country has to offer! 

Scotland is one of our favourite breaks to take: it is within driving distance of our home, yet it feels like a whole new world once you cross that border. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will show you how to be smart with your money. From frugal accommodation options and budget-friendly dining spots, to insider hacks that will elevate your experience without compromising those important finances of yours. 

By the end, we hope for you will have grasped how to make the most of your Scottish adventure while keeping your budget intact.

Travel Scotland On A Budget

Travel Scotland on a Budget: 14 Best Money Saving Tips

Let’s look into how to be smart with your money, allowing you to explore more of Scotland. These 14 invaluable tips will ensure you experience the nation’s wonders without straining your finances.


1. Invest In The Edinburgh City Pass

Enjoy more from Edinburgh exploration with cost-effective city passes. Gain discounted entry to diverse attractions, stretching your travel budget while immersing yourself in the city’s captivating offerings.


2. Make The Most Of Scotland’s Free Museums

Learn all Scotland’s culture without spending a dime by exploring its numerous free museums and galleries.
The list includes the iconic National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the intriguing Glasgow Police Museum, the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, the enlightening Aberdeen Maritime Museum, and the historic Burns House Museum in Ayr, among others.


3. Immerse Yourself in Nature

Scotland’s endless natural beauty offers a trip full of priceless memories. Follow invigorating hiking trails, leisurely nature walks, and have your breath taken away by the picturesque landscapes of the wonderful Scottish countryside. 

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4. Make ‘Free Walking Tours’ Your New Best Friend

On free walking tours, fantastic guides will take you through a city’s vibrant history using captivating narratives, unveiling the hidden tales that shaped the city’s identity.
These tours provide not just a glimpse into history, but also a genuine connection with the heart of the urban landscape, all while walking in the company of passionate storytellers.


5. Opt For Off Peak Trains

Off-peak train journeys (ScotRail defines this as trains departing after 9:15am) will allow you to enjoy scenic train journeys without the burden of a hefty price tag.
You can also purchase a “Super Off Peak” ticket which allows you to travel between 11am and 2pm for a fraction of the price of a normal ticket! 


Travel Scotland On A Budget

6. Hydrate More…For Less!

Scotland’s safe and delicious tap water is easily accessible throughout the entire nation. This budget-friendly and eco-conscious choice, will ensure you stay refreshed without the need for costly bottled alternatives.


7. Get Ahead With Accommodation

Ensure cost-effective accommodation by reserving in advance, accessing early-bird offers and exclusive rates that align with your budget. By securing your stay ahead of time, you guarantee both affordability and peace of mind during your travels.


8. Be Frugal With Filling Up

Trim your fuel expenses by using supermarket petrol stations. These convenient alternatives frequently present more wallet-friendly prices compared to standard stations. Choose a smarter way to refuel and allocate your savings to more enjoyable aspects of your journey.


9. Unlock Savings With Railcards

Enhance the affordability of your Scottish rail travels by acquiring a Railcard.
These valuable assets are available to most people, and will grant you access to exclusive train fare discounts. }
This will keep your travel expenses manageable while you glide through the scenic landscapes of Scotland.


10. Take A Mid-Week Trip To The City

Save money and avoid crowds by planning city visits on weekdays.
Enjoy the quieter attractions and reduced accommodation costs. This approach ensures an affordable and peaceful experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your trip without the crowds of tourists.


11. Explore Castles For Free

Step into the past without opening your wallet, exploring the timeless structures that stand as testaments to Scotland’s rich heritage.
Scotland’s castles hold echoes of their history. Discover their stories without cost, as many offer free access. Many are in the depths of the Scottish countryside, where you would least expect them!

Travel Scotland On A Budget: Abandoned Castle

12. Shop Local

Choose self-catering accommodation and shop at budget supermarkets like Lidl or Aldi.
Better yet, make your way to one of Scotland’s many farmer’s markets to enjoy locally sourced food, and support local businesses. 
This practical choice cuts down on dining costs without sacrificing the chance to eat delicious food.


13. Consider A Heritage Membership

History enthusiasts benefit from options like Historic Scotland’s Explorer Pass, granting free entry to historic sites. Ideal for budget-conscious explorers, these memberships provide access to historical sites and experiences without it costing too much; making your journey both educational and affordable.

If you are visiting Scotland alongside a trip to England, it is always worth looking into an English Heritage card. With free access to all English Heritage sites, you will also benefit from half price entry to Historic Scotland sites.


14. Eat Smart

Utilise the “Too Good To Go” app, which offers food at a reduced rate from major brands.
Take advantage of meal deals at various eateries such as Boots and Tesco, often combining a main (sandwich, pasta etc), a side, and drink for a discounted rate. These can also be found at other chain supermarkets.
Opt for saver menus at places such as McDonalds, featuring smaller portions or set meals at a fixed cost.

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The Cheapest Time To Travel To Scotland

The cheapest time to visit Scotland is generally during the off-peak seasons, which are autumn and winter. Though the cheapest, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best time to visit Scotland.

From October to March, accommodation prices are lower, and attractions are less crowded. However, weather can be unpredictable, with colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours.

Travel Scotland On A Budget

January and February tend to be the least expensive months, but some places might have limited services, or be closed for maintenance due to the lack of tourist interest. It’s essential to balance cost savings with the experience you desire.
Essentially: Is it worth missing out on this experience to save X amount?

Spring and early summer (April to June) can also offer reasonable prices while providing milder weather and longer days, making them a good compromise between affordability and a pleasant visit: the perfect time to travel Scotland on a budget.

Ways To Get Around Scotland On A Budget

While car hire is a brilliant choice that provides flexibility and the chance to explore “off the beaten track”, Scotland’s well-connected transport network makes it feasible to explore the country without a car. 

It’s cost-effective to rely on buses and trains, which extensive and connect cities, towns, and rural areas, often with scenic routes. Some areas also offer a PlusBus ticket, which combines your rail and bus tickets to save you money, and give you unlimited travel for a set period of time.

Internal flights are convenient for longer distances, linking major cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness. If booked in advance, you could get flights for under £30 between these cities.

Taxis are readily available for short trips in cities and rural areas, though they tend to be more expensive. In areas like Edinburgh and Glasgow, Uber offers an additional ride-sharing option for convenient transportation.

To make the most of city stays, hop-on-hop-off buses are a great choice. These buses provide insightful guided tours while granting the freedom to discover iconic landmarks on your schedule. They often offer discounts and free additional tours depending on the ticket you buy.

Using a combination of these modes allows you to explore remote regions, enjoy city attractions, and discover Scotland’s stunning landscapes. Depending on your itinerary and preferences, picking the right mode of transport provides an efficient, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious way to experience all that Scotland has to offer.

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Budget Accommodation In Scotland

When seeking accommodation for a holiday in Scotland, several options are available to suit your budget.

Hostels are a cost-effective choice, offering dormitory-style lodging and communal spaces, ideal for solo travellers or groups. They are also a great space for social interactions, or if you are just wanting somewhere to rest your head after a day of exploring.

Renting a cottage, apartment, or house provides privacy and convenience, often equipped with kitchens for self-catering. Websites such as Airbnb are the best way to start when looking for home/room rentals.

You may also find that student accommodations during academic breaks are offered incredibly cheap to try and fill the room, and are often central to the city as they revolve around commuting to the nearest university.

Bothies, basic shelters in remote areas, offer an adventurous experience for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. You will need to provide everything for this, so ensure you are well equipped as Scotland winter nights are no joke!

To find these accommodations, start with online platforms such as, Hostelworld, Airbnb, and university accommodation websites. Research the desired location, read reviews, and compare prices, and try to be flexible in your dates as it will ultimately save you money.

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Airports In Scotland

Scotland has several major international airports, including Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow Airport, Aberdeen Airport, and Inverness Airport. These airports serve as important travel hubs, and offer a range of domestic and international flights– ideal for those travelling from further afield. 

Scotland is also home to the shortest flight in the world: between Westray and Papa Westray, lasting only 90 seconds!
This 1.7 mile flight is operated by Loganair, and is used as a practical mode of transportation for locals, and those wanting to avoid lengthy ferries.

The Cheapest City In Scotland

Glasgow is often considered one of the cheapest cities in Scotland with budget-friendly options for accommodation, dining, and entertainment.

The city’s vibrant arts and music scene often includes affordable or free events. Public transportation costs are reasonable, and there are numerous free attractions, parks, and museums to explore. Shopping options cater to various budgets, from high street to thrift stores.

However, it’s worth noting that cost can still vary based on personal preferences and choices. Overall, for travellers seeking affordability without compromising on experiences, Glasgow stands out as a favourable choice in Scotland.

Travel Scotland On A Budget


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Things To Do In Scotland

Whilst Scotland is full of historic gems, it also offers a discover diverse activities that make Scotland an unforgettable destination.

Clydeside Distillery Tour and Whisky Tasting

Learn whisky-making processes, explore the distillery’s history, and conclude with a tasting session, immersing in Scotland’s world-famous whisky culture.

Isle Of Skye Full Day Trip

Discover rugged landscapes, iconic landmarks, and cultural heritage, all while experiencing the beauty of this Scottish island.

Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

Explore the city’s connections to the wizarding world, visit filming sites, and uncover enchanting tales from the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Scotland Affordable?

One of the many great things about Scotland is that you can experience it on any budget. 

From luxurious hotels, to affordable hostels, free walking tours to private guided tours of the Scottish Highlands- your trip to Scotland can be tailored to suit you, and how much you are willing to spend. 

Following our money saving tips will help you stick within budget without sacrificing your ability to have the trip of a lifetime.


Is Wild Camping Illegal In Scotland?

Wild camping is legal in most parts of Scotland, thanks to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. However, responsible behaviour is crucial, including camping away from buildings, respecting nature, and staying a short time.

Some areas have restrictions, like the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, where camping laws are stricter due to high visitor numbers. Checking local guidelines before camping is important to ensure you’re within the legal bounds and being environmentally conscious.

Can You Drink In Public In Scotland?

Drinking alcohol in public is generally allowed in Scotland, except where local bylaws prohibit it, such as Glasgow.

Responsible consumption is important, and public drunkenness is not tolerated. It’s best to be aware of specific rules in different areas and ensure respectful behaviour while enjoying alcohol outdoors. Drink-driving is taken very seriously in the UK, and you will be prosecuted if caught.


Is Scotland Dog Friendly?

Scotland is generally dog-friendly. Dogs are welcome in many outdoor spaces, including parks and trails. It’s essential to keep them under control and clean up after them.

Some attractions and accommodations may have restrictions, so it’s wise to check beforehand. Overall, Scotland offers a welcoming environment for canine companions.

Travel Scotland On A Budget

Which Is Better: Scotland Or Wales?

Deciding between Scotland and Wales depends entirely on personal preferences.

Scotland boasts diverse landscapes, historic cities like Edinburgh, and the Highlands’ rugged beauty.
Wales offers picturesque countryside, medieval castles, and the Brecon Beacons.
Scotland’s larger size provides more varied experiences, while Wales’ compactness allows easy exploration.

Both have rich culture, friendly locals, and a unique charm, so the “better” choice depends on what resonates with individual interests and expectations.


Is Scotland Safe?

Scotland is generally safe for travellers. Crime rate is relatively low, and violent crime is incredibly rare. Like any destination, tourists should be aware of their surroundings in busy areas to avoid pickpocketing or petty theft.

Rural areas and smaller towns are considered safe, though normal precautions should still be taken: keep belongings secure, follow local advisories, and avoid deserted areas at night. Scotland’s safety record is favourable, but staying street-smart remains key to a trouble-free experience.


Conclusion: Travel Scotland On A Budget

There we go: a comprehensive guide of all the ways you can travel Scotland on a budget.

By now you should (hopefully!) have a few tips and tricks to have the holiday of your dreams whilst balancing your money effectively.

Keep all of these in mind, and you will have the best trip ever full of history, sightseeing, and great experiences.

Happy budget-friendly travels!

At time of writing, there are currently no Coronavirus measures limiting tourists to enter Scotland. This is in accordance with the information provided on

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