Who We Are

Georgia here! I’ll be telling you all about us today.

Callum and I met on Tinder, then spent our first 6 months together exploring Europe. Our first trip was to Paris after only 2 weeks of knowing each other. I had discovered my love for travel at a young age, starting to solo travel around Europe as soon as I turned 18- much to my parents dismay.

However this was Callum’s first experience leaving England at the age of 25, and the travel bug well and truly infected him. Over the next few months, he discovered his love for adrenaline filled activities and was (and still is) constantly chasing that next big thrill. He also thinks he is a model now- just a heads up!

The Mid/Quarter Life Crisis

In 2022, we decided that it was time to try and settle down. We excitedly signed a rental contract for a big house, and began trying to settle into our new routine.

This did not last long.

After only a few months, we were miserable. Normal, adult life had consumed us. We were working purely to pay bills so we could say we lived in this lovely house. Something had to give, and it was Callum who came up with our next big plan.

After discovering a break clause in our rental contract, we quickly put our notice in, and moved to a small flat in Shropshire, England to start saving to travel full time for 1 year.

The “Why?”

My favourite quote is by Robert Frost: “the wood are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep”.

We are both avid believers in the fact that life is too short. There’s just too muchout there we need to experience before we settle; miles to go before we can stop.

Our dream is to see the world.

And if we are lucky enough to be able to do that, why not share that knowledge with someone who is just discovering their passion for travel? Why not take that initial stress away from someone who is unsure of how to begin their travels?

That is why we have started this blog.

If you want some handy tips, some recommendations, or to just follow along on our journey then be sure to keep checking back in with us. You can also follow our Instagram on the link below!

Where Have We Been?


📍Austria: Vienna

📍Belgium: Bruges, Brussels

📍Czech Republic: Prague, Terezin

📍Denmark: Copenhagen

📍England: Our hometowns and various adventures.

📍France: Paris

📍Germany: Berlin, Nuremberg

📍Hungary: Budapest

📍Ireland: Belfast, Dublin

📍Italy: Milan, Sirmione, Venice, Verona

📍Latvia: Riga


📍Malta: Gozo, St Julians Bay, Valetta

📍Netherlands: Amsterdam

📍Norway: Oslo

📍Poland: Krakow, Wroclaw

📍Scotland: Ayrshire

📍Slovakia: Bratislava

📍Spain: Barcelona, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife

📍Sweden: Stockholm

📍Switzerland: Bellinzona

📍Wales: Harlech, Porthmadog, Snowdonia National Park