Is Ibiza In Spain? A Guide For Your 2024 Visit

Where is Ibiza located? Does my passport have enough validity to enter Ibiza? Am I safe to swim there?

These may be some questions you are asking yourself after booking your holiday to the White Isle.

And we can answer them for you! 

Ibiza is our absolute favorite place in the whole world, and we like to think ourselves experts on how to get the most out of your trip to this beautiful island.

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Is Ibiza In Spain?

Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea, between Spain and Algeria. More specifically, off of the southeastern coast of mainland Spain. So, yes: Ibiza is in Spain.

It is one of four islands that makes up the Balearics, alongside Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera. 

The closest city on mainland Spain is Valencia. However, the ferry ride from Ibiza to Valencia is around 5 hours, and can cost €60!
Not exactly day trip distance; although there is so much to do in Ibiza that you shouldn’t even have to think about leaving!

The official languages of Ibiza are Catalan and Spanish, although the island is a tourist hot spot so you are never far from someone who can speak English, Italian, German, or French

What Is The Capital Of Ibiza?

The UNESCO world heritage site of Eivissa, or Ibiza City, is the proud capital of the island. 

Dalt Villa and Portal de Ses Taules make up the Old Town. Lined with narrow cobbled streets and perfect white buildings, this area reflects just how much has happened in its 2500 year old history. 

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It has been modernized to cater for Ibiza’s party reputation, with many nightclubs and bars being added to the old buildings. 

Exploring on foot gives you the chance to visit the fortified area in which stands Castell d’Eivissa.
There are so many photo opportunities with its picturesque panoramic views of Ibiza town and the turquoise waters, so it is a great place to stroll around on a sunny afternoon.

Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

There are so many things to do in Ibiza Old Town- one of which is a guided bicycle tour. Cycling through these quaint streets with friends is a fabulous way to unwind after a night of enjoying the Ibiza nightlife, or a morning spent on the white beaches.

Explore Ibiza Old Town By Bike

How To Get Around Ibiza

Ibiza is only 571 square kilometers, making it the ideal island to visit for those wanting to explore. Due to its size, public transport is so easy to use.


The easiest and cheapest way to get around the island is by bus. The air-conditioned public transport is very frequent in Ibiza, so you won’t need to worry too much about where you choose to stay as everywhere is accessible. 

The number 10 bus takes you from Ibiza Airport (Aeropuerto de Ibiza) directly to Ibiza Town, running every 20 minutes or so all year round. Whereas the bus that takes you to San Antonio is less frequent- about every hour. 

The buses are cash only, so make sure you have a couple of Euros on you!
You will also need to make sure you flag the bus down, and press the bell before your stop as they will not automatically stop at every chance.

Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

The roads in Ibiza are wonderful to drive, offering scenic views around every corner.

Renting a car provides you the opportunity to see the more remote areas of the island, and means you are not restricted when deciding how long to stay in one place. 

We recommend having navigation on your phone, or on a Sat-Nav as the road signs can be quite worn!

Most driving licences are valid in Ibiza, so you should not have any problem with renting a car.
It is also affordable as there are so many companies in Ibiza offering hire cars.

Check Rates With!


Taxis are meter run, and there can be quite a wait for them at times due to high demand!

If you are using taxis, ensure it is an official one. They will have a blue licence plate, and will have a green/red light on top.

They can be flagged down at any time as long as they have a green light on, and you are more than 300m away from the nearest taxi rank. 

In 2024, the current minimum charge for a taxi is €4.00, with additions for mileage and times of day.
It is best to either ask the driver for a rough cost before you get in the taxi, or keep a close eye on the meter.


Being an island, it is only natural that the final suggestion for getting around would be by boat!

Ferries run regularly throughout the day, and can get you from one side of the island to the other. 
Most of the main towns in Ibiza will have ferry stops, and it is not too costly. 

Catamarans offer a much more luxurious way to see Ibiza and are better suited for day trips or to beach hop.
This is also the case with speedboats and jet skis. Ibiza’s calm seas are the perfect place to enjoy these activities.

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What Are The Warmest Months In Ibiza?

With highs of 29°C (85°F) and lows of 22°C (74°F), July and August are absolutely the warmest months of the year in Ibiza.

It is also the busiest, as tourists flock to the island to enjoy their summer.

With how small Ibiza is, there is not much difference in temperature between the north and south of the island.
This is a good thing as it means you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sun no matter where you go, and the only thing you will need to think about is how busy will it be there?

Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

Where To Stay If:

You Want To be In The Middle Of All The Action

Without a doubt Ibiza Town will be the busiest place during this time. The best thing is that much of the accommodation in this area is apartments, meaning it can be incredibly cost effective to stay here- especially if you are in a group.

Apartamentos Vibra Panoramic is based just minutes from Figueretes Beach, the perfect place for groups wanting to experience Ibiza Town.

Aparamentos Vibra Panoramic
📍Ibiza Town


You Want To Stay Away From The Crowds

With its beautiful beaches and lush landscape, Portinatx is the perfect place for those wanting a quiet break to escape to.
Located in the north of Ibiza, it is out of the way of the clubbing scene, offering only small shopping areas, quaint restaurants, and picturesque walks.

Barceló Portinatx is an adults only hotel right in the center of Portinatx. Offering all-inclusive, it could potentially make this the best holiday of your life.

Barceló Portinatx

What Are The Coldest Months In Ibiza?

With highs of 17°C (64°F), the period of November-April are the coldest months in Ibiza.
During this time the temperature drops right down taking the crowds down with it!

The coldest month of the year is January, with lows of 8°C (47°F).
The wettest month of the year is actually October, with an average of 54mm of rain.

The beauty of the island does not change throughout the year, and where tourism dies down, the local life springs up. With festivals and villages jumping to life, you can have a great cultural visit to Ibiza during these months.

Many airlines do not offer flights out to Ibiza at this time, meaning it is not the ideal time for those wanting to go on a tourist break.
This is the best time for those wanting a beach break, who don’t mind the colder weather.


Does It Snow In Ibiza?

The chance of seeing snow during your winter break to Ibiza is very rare, but not impossible.
If it does snow, it is minimal amounts and should not disrupt your break too much.

Venice is only a 2-hour flight from Ibiza.
Consider adding it to your winter trip!
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Is It Worth Visiting Ibiza In Winter?

We say you should not let the change of pace during winter in Ibiza deter you from visiting.
To help, we have researched the best places for you to stay during your visit!

Montesol Experimental Ibiza
📍Ibiza Town

Staying in the capital is still worth it during winter. In December, the square boasts a great Christmas market, and winter sales in the high-end stores located there!

Sat right next to the Ibiza harbour, Montesol Experimental Ibiza sits right in the historic center of Ibiza Town, surrounded by shops and restaurants.

It is the perfect place for those wanting a relaxing break.

Aparthotel Duquesa Playa
📍Santa Eularia Des Riu

Situated in the Santa Eularia Des Riu, Aparthotel Duquesa Playa offers the best way to enjoy Ibiza in winter: eat well, walk the pretty streets, and explore the surrounding villages.

This hotel is located on the South-East of Ibiza, and is surrounded by stunning beaches and quiet villages to explore. The water may be colder during this time, but it is still worth going for a dip in the crystal seas!

Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

The Islands Around Ibiza

Just South of the White Island is Formentera, full of charming villages, bright blue sea, and idyllic beaches.

Formentera pushes for relaxation– drinks on its bright white sands, eating at its beach-side restaurants. Everything you could ask for in a visit to the Balearics.

It is also a perfect peaceful day trip from Ibiza, using the ferries from various points of the island.
Upon your arrival on Formentera, you will be able to rent cars, scooters, bikes, or you could simply walk around the area.

Being only 82 square kilometers, it is so easy to see the entire Island in a day- though some choose to stay for a few weeks at a time!

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How Far Is Ibiza From Barcelona?

Barcelona is located on mainland Spain, a 1 hour flight from Ibiza. If you were looking to get there by ferry, it would be a long 8 hour journey!

RyanAir offers flights to Barcelona for as little as £50 return. If you are on a longer trip to Ibiza, it would not be completely inconvenient to visit Barcelona for the day.

While there is much more to do in relation to tourism in Barcelona, it doesn’t necessarily make it the better choice.
This increased tourism could very well be the reason you do not enjoy Barcelona as much. Ibiza has a much more relaxed feel, making for a more enjoyable trip.

This being said, it is difficult to compare the two as they offer such different experiences. Barcelona is typically more of a city break, whereas Ibiza is a beach holiday to its core.


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Can You Go To Ibiza For 2 Days?

Absolutely! You should definitely aim for as many days as you can, as you will never find yourself bored.
However you can definitely have a taste of everything in your 2 days in Ibiza.

If you are only visiting for 2 days, we suggest staying in the South of the island, as this is where you will land.

From the airport, use the bus or rental car services to travel over to San Antonio. This bustling area offers nightlife, water sports, a perfect beach, and many places to eat, drink, and shop. You can easily fill your day with activities here, such as scuba diving!

On the 2nd day, make your way back over to Ibiza Town to discover the historical heart of Ibiza. You will then be close to the airport for your flight home.

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Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

Does Ibiza Have A Drink Limit On All Inclusive?

It is amazing to go on holiday and be all-inclusive: meaning your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all your beverages are included.

For places like Ibiza – with its party reputation- the hotels in the lively areas were full constantly with those taking advantage of the “free” alcohol.

Unfortunately, this also led to too much anti-social behaviour from tourists. A new regulation had to be brought in, limiting all-inclusive drinks down to 6 per day for each visitor at certain hotels; 3 at lunch, and 3 in the evening.

Thankfully, it is not throughout the whole island, just San Antonio. This is to try and deter people from getting uncontrollably drunk throughout the day and causing havoc.

There are many great ways to enjoy San Antonio without upsetting the locals, and a sunset cruise is one of them! With live music and 2 free drinks, it is a fantastic way to spend your evening with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do UK Citizens Need A Visa For Ibiza?

No, they do not. They will need a valid passport, with which they can spend up to 90 days in a 180 day period in Spain. This is following the rules of the Schengen Zone.

If they want to work in Ibiza, then they will need a work visa.

Visitors must ensure they have travel insurance, and that they have applied for your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which will replace the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) once it expires.

Do US Citizens Need A Visa For Ibiza?

Similar to UK citizens, those from the US will not need a visa if they are planning to visit for less than 90 days.
They must be able to prove they have the funds to live on during their stay, and that they have a return ticket booked.

It is only in 2024 that those visiting Spain will need to fill out an ETIAS form.

Passport Validity Needed To Visit Ibiza?

In order to have no hiccups when attempting to enter Ibiza, you must ensure your passport is less than 10 years old on the day you enter the country, and that it will be valid for at least 3 months on returning.

This is the advice as of July 2023.

You can find out more on Spain’s entry requirements at

Where Is Ibiza Located? Is Ibiza In Spain?

What Currency Is Used In Ibiza?

The Euro (€) is used in Ibiza.

It is wise to always have small amounts of cash on you, as some of the smaller shops and restaurants may prefer cash.

There are ATM’s and Currency Exchange Bureaus spread throughout the Island, so you will never be far from a source of cash if needed.

Is It Safe To Swim In The Sea In Ibiza?

The sea in Ibiza is crystal clear for the most part, and is perfect for water sports and paddling around.

There have been no sightings of dangerous sharks since 1977, so it is okay to assume you are safe in this regard.

Before cliff diving, scout the area below to ensure there are no hidden rocks that may cause you harm. It can be hard to tell from above, but those few minutes of checking could end up saving your life.

Conclusion: Is Ibiza In Spain? A Guide For Your 2024 Visit

Taking all of this into account, you will be more than prepared for your sunny visit to the White Island.

Relax, enjoy the local food and drinks, and stay safe!

At time of writing, there are currently no Coronavirus measures limiting tourists to enter Spain. This is in accordance with the information provided on

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