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IT Suitcase

Personally, IT suitcases have always lasted so much longer for me than any other brand. This is obviously essential as they can take quite a hit when being put onto the plane! I have both the hard shell and soft shell, and i’m currently on year 2 of using them regularly with no signs of wear in sight.

North Face Backpack

The best backpack I have purchased is hands-down this North Face one. I got it from Amazon, so keep an eye out for their sales! I use it for everyday use, but also for those flights where I haven’t paid for a suitcase and can only take 1 bag in the cabin.



Our favourite flight tool due to the way you can find the best deals.
You can add multiple journeys, and they have a handy”anywhere” feature which allows you to find the cheapest flights if you have a flexible budget and schedule. This is a great way to be spontaneous with your trips!


This one may be a bit controversial! A lot of people we know refuse to fly with RyanAir as they are notoriously a budget airline. However, if you are looking to fly often for less, RyanAir is the way forward. They have regular sales on which means you can explore for as little as around £15 per flight.

Love Holidays

It can be a bit daunting booking hotels, flights, and airport transfers. I’ve found Love Holidays is great to get good deals, and to not have to worry about anything going wrong. We have used them several times now, the best being to Paris where they secured me an Eiffel Tower view room for a fraction of the price if I had booked it myself.
They also offer a handy “spread your payments” option to help cut the initial big cost down.


If you are wanting to book with someone a bit more luxury, who will also organise your flights, hotel, and airport transfers then Tui’s last minute deals are brilliant.
We have travelled with TUI a few times now, and continue to book with them for our beach holidays as they also offer “all inclusive” options which cover all your food and drink.



We have used Hoppa regularly, and we cannot fault them. They give a range of options such as shuttle buses, private transfers, minibuses, for a great price.


We have been using for years, and are Level 3 of their Genius Loyalty scheme. This is a great bonus for regular travelers as it allows you discounts and the occasional free upgrade. They also have a range of properties for you to explore, which suit any budget.